NEW! Pump stations for Fogging-Systems

Modular design

LUBING GreenTec Pump stations
LUBING GreenTec Pump stations


Individual adaptation of the pump stations to individual requirements has become even easier and more flexible thanks to the modules. Between one and eight pumps of different capacities can be installed here.

Advantages of the pump stations

• variable stainless steel construction
• up to 8 pump units per pump station possible
• 3 different pump sizes freely selectable
• variable pressure up to 100 bar
• pumps with variable speed
• flow rates up to 600 l/min suitable for greenhouses up to 10 ha
• motor mounted frequency controller for optimal ventilation
• uncompromising quality and reliability

System components

LUBING Touch Control


Pump modules

The basic components are installed in each pump module (motor, pump, pressure control valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge, clamping box, etc.). The individual modules are then connected to form a system using the modular principle.

LUBING Touch Control



All pumps are controlled by a LUBING GreenTec Touch Controller. These are characterized by their intelligent systematics and intuitive operability. All processes are controlled automatically via simple touch fields with pictograms. Important and daily functions are integrated as direct functions, less important and administrative functions are outsourced to deeper menus.

LUBING Touch Control


Filter unit

The water filters to protect against possible contamination in the feed line system and to protect the high-pressure pump against dirt particles are centrally located. The maintenance-friendly design allows easy access. The pressure gauges on the low-pressure side are used for visual control of the filters.





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