Welcome to the LUBING Young Generation Team!

Azubis 2023
Training starts on 01.08.2023


Eleven new team members 2023.


We are very pleased to welcome nine new apprentices at LUBING Maschinenfabrik. This year Niklas Finkenstädt starts his apprenticeship as industrial mechanic, Jannik Pohlmann as mechatronic technician, Pharrell Wengler as electronic technician for industrial engineering, Kaspar Schorling as electronics technician for automation technology, Joey Loth and  Jason Thomas as machine and stationary plant operator and Andreas Steinhauer and Luca Brand as metal technology specialists. Damian Heuer is starting his training as an industrial clerk and Laura Schlüter as a technical product designer. For Luca Runge, the dual course of study to become an IT specialist is starting.

All the best and good luck especially from the human resources staff member Agnes Schleich and the trainers Jule Maring and Sean Floodberg. Our LUBING Young Generation Team now consists total of 23 trainees who are supervised by our 6 trainers in order to cover the future increasing demand with our own specialists.

VIV Asia 2023

VIV Asia 2023


At the VIV Asia 2023 in Bangkok, we had presented our system solutions with our international trade fair team. In addition to the well-known products from the areas of feeding, conveying and air-conditioning systems, we also presented our DLG-certified exhaust air purification system "CleaningCubes" as a model at our booth for the first time.


We would like to thank all our customers, visitors and partners for visiting our booth and for their interest in our products.


We were able to hold many interesting discussions and were very pleased with the lively attendance. Thank you very much!

Christmas donation 2022

Weihnachtsspende 2022


Donations instead of gifts! We participate!

LUBING has been supporting this campaign for 15 years. Our intention this year was to preferably support the local youth. Therefore, it was obvious to choose the Barnstorf Youth Center as a donation recipient. Furthermore the food bank Tafel Barnstorf and young musicians were considered. Further details can be read in the newspaper article by Jannick Ripking in the Kreiszeitung.



Donors and recipients: (from left) Managing Director Markus von der Assen, Youth Center Educator Bianca Keller, Deacon Jörg Brand, Tafel Director Ute Strathmann, Team Leader Technology Wolfgang Meyer and Michael Abeln, Technical Managing Director. Photo: Jannick Ripking

NEW! Duck Drinker ComfortLine 2.0

Enten Zusatztränke ComfortLine



With the enhancement ComfortLine 2.0 we have been able to improve the water supply to the animals and while at the same time to facilitate accessibility to the nipple. The proven principle with pendulum, bowl and nipple remains unchanged. With the new duck nipples Art. 4001-4, which are now arranged to the side of the pendulum, we have achieved an even longer service life of the drinker and thus increase the reliability of the water supply even further due to two nipples per cup. Maintenance is made much easier by attaching the double nipple pendulum with a socket pin.

EuroTier 2022

Team EuroTier 2022


The entire team would like to sincerely thank all customers and partners for their visit to EuroTier 2022 and the lively exchange of experiences at our booth. Thank you, for your time, your lively interest in our products and of course your trust in us.

We hope the trade fair was as interesting and informative for you as it was for us as exhibitors.

Once again it has been shown that personal contact is the basis for good cooperation.

Honor for modern technology in animal husbandry

Egon Schumacher



Dipl.-Ing. Egon Schumacher receives Max Eyth Commemorative Coin


(Düsseldorf / Hannover, 14.11.2022) At the International Poultry Event, which took place on the eve of EuroTier on 14 November 2022 at the Convention Center (CC) of Messe Hannover, Dipl.-Ing. Egon Schumacher from Barnstorf, Diepholz district, was honored with the Max Eyth Commemorative Coin of the VDI. Schumacher received the award in recognition of his outstanding services as a company founder, successful managing director and mechanical engineer. With his outstanding expertise, he developed innovative products and successfully introduced them to the agricultural animal husbandry market.
Prof. Sandra Rose, member of the board of directors of the VDI department Max-Eyth-Gesellschaft Agrartechnik, presented the certificate and medal. In her laudatory speech, she pointed out that Schumacher not only produced groundbreaking innovations in animal husbandry technology, but also created more than 350 new permanent jobs as a successful entrepreneur.
Schumacher, who studied mechanical engineering at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, was initially employed at Lubing Maschinenfabrik after graduating. Even at a young age, he was regarded as a perfectionist, and at the age of 27 he took over responsibility for the company. At the beginning of the 1970s, Schumacher made a clean break and concentrated on products for agricultural animal husbandry. A decision that was to pay off: Today, the name LUBING is a household name among breeding and fattening livestock farmers worldwide and stands for highly specialized drinking, conveying and climate control systems. LUBING Maschinenfabrik has grown steadily and now employs more than 200 people. In 1977, Schumacher founded the company BARKU-Kunststofftechnik. Over the years, this company has developed from a subsidiary into an independent specialist for innovative plastic parts.
Both companies are expanding in order to remain well positioned in the market in the future. In the spirit of Egon Schumacher, innovation and quality are still the top priorities today.

World Egg Day 2022

Welt-Ei-Tag 2022


World Egg Day takes place every year on the second Friday in October, this year on Friday, October 14th.

The World Egg Day was established in 1996 by the International Egg Commission, the international association of egg producers. Events are held all over the world to mark the occasion.

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New idler unit basic for Conveyor-Systems

Donation 2021


With the new idler unit, there is now a more cost effective alternative to the idler unit with transfer. If no egg transfer takes place at the rear end of the conveyor system, the "idler unit basic" can be used. This deflection is used for the plain deflection of the conveyor chain at the end of the conveyor line and has no extra protective hood as well as no discharge wheel and no transfer plate.

A warm welcome!

Azubis 2022
Apprentices 2022


New LUBING Young Generation Team Members 2022


We are very pleased to welcome six new apprentices at LUBING Maschinenfabrik. This year Nik-Lucas Klein and Etienne Hümmling start their apprenticeship as industrial mechanics, Kevin Blumberg as mechatronics technician Luka Lorz as electronics technician for industrial engineering. Max Werner starts his apprenticeship as industrial clerk and Lena-Sophie Schwandt as warehouse logistics specialist.

Especially the trainer Lena Leukering and the trainer Wilfried Finke wish a lot of success and fun. Our LUBING Young Generation Team now consists of a total of 17 trainees who are coached by our 6 trainers in order to cover the increased demand with our own skilled workers in the future.

VIV Europe 2022

VIV Europe 2022




We would like to thank the many visitors to our stand in Hall 12. We were very pleased with the great interest in our latest product developments. From all product areas the visitors could have a look at our products for modern animal husbandry. In the area of exhaust air purification for pig houses, you could have the principle explained to you on a cutaway model of our DLG certified two-stage exhaust air purification.


For this purpose, our trade fair team with more than 30 international employees was available and was pleased about the many great conversations.

Waste Air Purification test certificate

Donation 2021


The LUBING CleaningCubes are a modular two-stage system for the waste air purification of pig houses.


Our CleaningCubes for strawless pig houses reduces efficiently ammonia, odour and dust emissions, as proved by a usability test of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

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Management extension


In the last 15 years, the production area and the number of employees have almost doubled. Our constantly growing company size and the increasing influence of the technical area required an expansion of our management.

Our managing director, Markus von der Assen, who has led our company to this size since 2004, will concentrate in the future on the commercial tasks of the company.

Michael Abeln was appointed as technical managing director as of 01.04.2022. In addition to the technical development, which he was already in charge of as former technical director, he will in the future also take care of the technical range of our production.

We are sure that with this expanded management team, our company is very well positioned for future growth and all the associated tasks.

Donation 2021

Donation 2021


Traditionally, we have invited the donation recipients to us shortly before Christmas and handed over the symbolic donation checks. This year, unfortunately, we were again unable to do so. As you can read in the article by Jannick Ripking in the Kreiszeitung, we have also divided our donation this year. We regret that we could not personally hand over the donations this year due to the Corona pandemic.

The recipients, the Kita Eydelstedt, the SV Jura Eydelstedt and the Lions Club Vechta (for a kindergarten project) were informed by phone.


NEW! Intermediate Drive 2.0



The intermediate drives have been fundamentally redesigned. The target was an optimized transport of the conveyor chain as well as the complete compatibility to existing equipment and different chain types. The result is the "Intermediate Drive 2.0":

This changeover to the new Intermediate Drive 2.0 will take place in stages. In the first step, the new version will be available from February 2022. In the long term, a complete changeover to the Intermediate Drive 2.0 will take place.

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NEW! UltraFlush



Water is an essential factor for successful poultry management. Improved drinking water hygiene also improves animal health: A new addition to the LUBING portfolio takes hygiene and maintenance of LUBING drinking lines to a new level:


With UltraFlush, we are relying on proven ultrasonic technology (already used in cleaning units for conveyor chains). In the area of Drinking-Systems, an ultrasonic transducer is inserted into the drinking water line by means of a T-piece or, in the case of a feed tank, glued to the outside of the tank. Connected to a controller, the system is immediately ready for use.

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Egon Schumacher celebrates his 80th birthday!



As Managing Director for many years, Egon Schumacher has shaped LUBING and led it to international success. At the end of May, the jubilarian celebrates his 80th birthday - and is still connected to LUBING.


After company founder Ludwig Bening was killed in a car accident in 1968, Egon Schumacher, who was only 27 years old at the time, took over the management and operations of LUBING Maschinenfabrik. In the coming years, he decisively drove forward the focus on technology for animal husbandry, the development of new products and the expansion of production capacities for drinking nipples. The development of the international subsidiaries and foreign representatives also took place under his aegis - initially with a French branch. Since the restructuring of LUBING in 1977, Schumacher has also been a shareholder of the GmbH, as well as managing director and shareholder of BARKU Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in the same year. After 38 years of successful company management, he handed over the reins to Markus von der Assen in 2006, but has remained with LUBING to this day as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Today, LUBING is an internationally active company with a workforce of well over 500 employees, a production area of around 20,000 m² in Germany alone and 43 foreign representatives and subsidiaries worldwide. An impressive achievement that was shaped by Egon Schumacher in a very special way – through diligence, strategic skill and last but not least: common sense. With an unconditional will for innovation and quality, he has developed LUBING into a global player in intensive cooperation with employees and partners from the region and international business.


Happy 80th birthday!


A very rare anniversary

Annegret Müller


Annegret Müller is honored today for half a century at LUBING.


In April 1971, Annegret began her training as an industrial clerk and has subsequently worked in the accounting department until today.

Annegret's always friendly and cheerful manner has made her a very special colleague during this time.

The large number of colleagues who participated in this anniversary is impressive proof of this. Unfortunately, due to corona-related constraints, the celebrations turned out to be quite different from what had been planned.

Since after five decades the retirement age has been reached, we say goodbye today, with great appreciation, to our Annegret on her special anniversary day into retirement.

We all thank you, dear Annegret, and wish you all the best.

Donation 2020

Donation handover December 2020


Donation handover December 2020

Traditionally, we have invited the donation recipients to us shortly before Christmas and handed over the symbolic donation checks. This year, unfortunately, it was not possible. However, we used the only remaining opportunity. We invited only one guest. Anne Siemering, the children's fire department warden, visit us on behalf of the Barnstorf children's fire department and the other beneficiaries. As you can read in the article of Martina Kurth-Schumacher in our local newspaper "Kreiszeitung", we distributed the donation broadly this year. Besides the children's fire department Barnstorf we donated to the network against domestic violence, the DRK kindergartens Barnstorf "Villa Kunterbunt" and "Holzwurm", the Interessengemeinschaft Gesundes Leben IGEL e.V. and for a dolphin therapy.


With this message we say goodbye to you for the year 2020 and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year.

World Egg Day

Tag der offenen Tür an der PHWT


Yes - the egg also has its own special day: World Egg Day takes place every year on the second Friday in October.

The World Egg Day was brought into being in 1996 by the "International Egg Commission", the international association of egg producers. All over the world, events and celebrations take place this year on Friday, October 9th.

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LUBING Young Generation Team 2020

Tag der offenen Tür an der PHWT


Six new trainees were welcomed on 3rd of  August 2020 at the headquarter of LUBING Maschinenfabrik in Barnstorf.

Unfortunately, the welcome procedure for the new trainees was different this year than usual due to Corona. The LUBING trainers welcomed the new trainees, albeit with distance, but no less warmly. Erik Felk on his training as a metalworking technician. Glenn Klein will become an electronics technician for industrial engineering and Arne Huntemann will become a mechatronics technician. Colin Adams and Lenny Kramer are trained as industrial mechanics. Agnes Schleich starts her training as an industrial clerk in the administration department.

The group photo at the start of training, with trainers Lena Leukering (left) and Wilfried Finke (right), while observing the minimum distances. In its long training tradition, LUBING has already trained many of its own junior staff and is well positioned for the future with currently 16 trainees and over 200 employees in Barnstorf.

Improvement of Pad-Climate-System


Barnstorf, 12.05.2020

Access to the spray tube is now much easier with the new designed deflector. The new deflector can now be folded up in the modified holders, allowing quick access to the spray pipe for inspection or cleaning.

In addition, we now also offer a splash guard profile for mounting on the water gutter. This reduces possible splash water, especially important for applications of the Pad-Climate-System indoors.

More Informationen: Pad-Climate-System

Wind Power History

Übergabe Windkraft Pumpe an Windkraftmuseum
Handover Wind Power Pump


LUBING is donating a wind power pump from the early 1960s on permanent loan to the German Wind Power Museum.

LUBING Maschinenfabrik was founded in 1949 by Ludwig Bening in Barnstorf, Lower Saxony. In the early years, various products that were needed were manufactured. Initial production also included wind power pumps for supplying water to cattle on grassland. But the interest of the mechanical engineer Ludwig Bening in the wind power plants was particularly pronounced. The range of wind power pumps (trade name: LUBING Windkraftpumpen) soon became the most important product area in the company.

Entwicklung der Flügel
Development of the blades

The blades of the wind power pumps were initially bent sheets.


But already since 1955 polystyrene was used for the production of blades. This was another reason why the sale of   wind power pumps reached its peak in 1960.


The increasing export share to neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, but also overseas such as Mexico and Chile also contributed to this.


The blades were later made of other plastics by injection moulding. In addition to the 4 and 6-blade wind power pumps, wind power pond aerators were also added to the product range.


Cord Kütemeyer gives hints
Cord Kütemeyer gives hints

LUBING Maschinenfabrik still manufactures wind turbines today, but only in very small quantities. Cord Kütemeyer, employed at LUBING since 1975, assembles them, sometimes even working at home.


For the German Wind Power Museum, he has reconditioned an old rotor head from the early 1960s from his collection. With a new pump, new blades and new mast, this turbine was handed over to the Wind Power Museum today on permanent loan.


With this installation, a piece of the company history will now be preserved for posterity in the museum.


We are very happy about this project and hope that this almost 60 year old turbine, especially for the young visitors, will be able to illustrate for a long time to come how easily wind power was and still is used.

New Turkey drinker EasyLine 2.0

LUBING EasyLine 2.0


With this enhancement EasyLine 2.0 succeeded in further improving the water supply to the animals and also thereby facilitating ac-cessibility to the nipple. The proven principle with pendulum, bowl and nipple remains un-changed. With the new turkey nipples Art. 4001-4, which are now arranged to the side of the pendulum, we have achieved an even longer service life of the drinker and thus increase the reliability of the water supply even further due to two nipples per cup. Maintenance is made much easier by attaching the double nipple pendulum with a socket pin.

More details

New service for you:

LUBING Helpdesk


LUBING WhatsApp Business

LUBING now also offers its customer service via WhatsApp. This is intended to give you another way (in addition to phone and e-mail) to reach the hotline.

Our service team can be reached at +49 171 22 16 195 via WhatsApp. This number must be saved in the phone book of your mobile phone and will then appear in the list of available WhatsApp contacts.


The WhatsApp chat is available at these times

Our service team is initially reachable on weekdays from

Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 16:30 as well as on

Fridays between 8:00 and 15:00 (MEZ).

Customers can also leave their requests outside these hours via WhatsApp. Users will receive an answer as soon as possible, on the next working day.


The service staff only answer within a conversation that has already started and do not write to customers on their own initiative. The history is always available, so customers don't have to explain their concerns again. Employees do not see any other data apart from the chat history, the WhatsApp phone number and the name stored in the Messenger.


Topics for WhatsApp Support

The range of topics that can be clarified via the messenger chat includes all questions of technical support. This ranges from technical questions to technical documents or tips and tricks for assembling or using our products. The simple and fast transmission of photos is certainly one of the great advantages.

Questions about orders and delivery times cannot be answered here.

LUBING 70th anniversary

70 Years of LUBING



On Friday, 06th of September 2019 the 70th anniversary of the company LUBING was celebrated on the company premises. In the afternoon all employees and their families, as well as pensioners and our neighbours from Lubingstraße were invited. With 400 seats, our dispatch department was transformed into a large café. After coffee, cake, ice cream and cold drinks, the guests started a tour through the company. Besides the historical development of the company some of our current production processes could be seen.


In the evening the LUBIläum was duly celebrated with all employees and guests of the agent meeting in one of the newly taken over halls.



Agent Meeting group 2019

5tes Agententreffen 2019
Group photo Agent Meeting 2019


In the first week of September, 70 years after the company was founded, representatives of the worldwide subsidiaries and agencies met to exchange ideas with the representatives of LUBING Germany. The following days were accompanied above all by intensive product training, a supporting programme ensured the festive character of the meeting. On 6.9. the anniversary week reached its climax with a joint company celebration of all representatives and employees on the
company premises.

International agent meeting

5tes Agententreffen 2019
Agent Meeting 2019


70 years of company history make 2019 a special year for LUBING from Barnstorf. The 5th international agent meeting took place again in Barnstorf at the company headquarters with representatives of subsidiaries and branches. Almost 60 guests from 30 countries came to learn about new product developments and to discuss the worldwide development processes in agricultural animal husbandry.


Ausbildungsbeginn 2019
LUBING Young Generation Team 2019


LUBING Young Generation Team 2019

Five trainees, one dual student and one annual trainee were welcomed at the Barnstorf headquarters of LUBING Maschinenfabrik on August 1, 2019.

This year, in which LUBING celebrates its 70th anniversary, Andrej Limberg started his training as a machine and plant operator. Levin Kenneweg is trained as an electronics technicians for operations technology and Alireza Jahangiri as a specialist for metal technology. Konrad Book began his training as an industrial clerk in administration, where Ann-Katrin Zillig also completed her annual internship. At our research center, Lennard Greve started his training as a technical product designer and Stefan Aßling his dual studies in mechanical engineering.

The group photo, this time with the trainers Lena Leukering (right) and Michael Schelhas (left) at the start of the training with a clear reference to the upcoming 70th anniversary celebration, which will take place in September. We are proud of our long history and are well positioned for the future with currently 13 young people in training.

NEW! LUBING D-Line pump units

LUBING D-Line pump unit
NEW! LUBING D-Line pump unit


Change of the Top-Climate-System product range to a modular design



In order to meet the requirements of the various markets more flexibly, we are planning a changeover of the product range at the Top-Climate-Systems. The Eco pump units will initially be affected by the changeover.

The future modular design will allow many new combinations for individual adaptation. In the future, we will therefore be able to cover a large number of individual variants with a small number of modules.

Further information