New Pump Unit

Pump Unit D-Line Vario 70

LUBING GreenTec has expanded its product range for the Fogging-System with the new D-Line Vario 70 pump unit.

With our new pump, which is designed for a flow rate of up to 70 l/min, up to 800 nozzles can now be pressurized with 70 bar water pressure. This means that up to approximately 12,000 m² of greenhouse area can be humidified.

The product range of GreenTec Fogging-System has been also expanded through two additional 1“ filter units to supply the pump unit with sufficient amount of clean water. To minimize the pressure loses in the lines - the connecting pipes with larger diameter are also available now. The product expansion has been completed by further adapted accessories for the attachment and suspension of the nozzle lines.


Modular design of the pump units

LUBING D-Line pump unit


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GreenTec Fogging-Systems

Cooling and humidifying with 70 bar water pressure



The LUBING GreenTec Fogging-System was developed for effective humidifying and cooling of the greenhouse air. It works according to the principle of the direct evaporative cooling.


Through high pressure nozzles water is injected into the greenhouse air with a pressure of 70 bar as fog. The fog evaporates immediately and causes the cooling of the greenhouse air by extracting heat.

During heating periods the GreenTec Fogging-System is used for the rise of the humidity to optimum value. The Fogging-system contributes significantly to optimal growth conditions.


HR Pump units


The LUBING GreenTec Fogging-Systems have been enhanced with the HR pumps. These highly resistant stainless steel pumps allow the use of acids and disinfectants.

The Vario version with frequency converter reduce the energy consumption to the required minimum.

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