Broiler conveyor

for taking out the birds from cages

The LUBING broiler conveyor was developed for the dependable and safe removal of poultry from cage systems. The basis of the conveyor is provided by the tried-and-tested LUBING conveyor technology from the area of egg transport. In order to meet the special demands required during animal transport, many aspects of the construction of the conveyor system were optimized. Particular attention was given to the avoidance of shear zones to assure the injuryfree transport of the animals.


The broiler conveyor is moved inside the house by a lift system in order to reach the different tiers of the cage system. The removal within the cage system is usually taken over by the manure belt. The amount of personnel required to taking out the animals can thus be reduced to a minimum.


At this time two versions of the LUBING broiler conveyor are available, each differing slightly in their technical design. In both systems, the length adjustment during operation of the lift system is implemented by shifting the drive.

With mobile connecting unit

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With stationary connecting unit

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